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Beirdos is an all-inclusive community of people that are dedicated to taking care of their beard and head hair! We think you should be proud of your hair and we think you should take care of it as well. That’s why we’ve created products to reflect that goal.

Our main products will be our beard products, these include beard oil, beard multi-balm, and utility cream. We’ve taken extra steps to make sure each of our products not only meets but exceeds your expectations! This is because we’ve meticulously researched many different companies to see where the gap exists in the market place and we’ve discovered a way to fill it.

Our products were designed with the best Canadian source oils we could find. The process to create them was fine-tuned and perfected. The result is an Edmonton-made, handcrafted product that will do exactly what you need it to do. Not only did we need to create a quality product we needed to make it so good it stands up to the dry Canadian winter. It can get down below -40 degrees celsius here! Not only that, it’s dry as well which is absolutely terrible for the health of your hair.

We also plan to be available on all major selling platforms starting with our Etsy shop here. We’ll follow this up with an eBay store as well as Amazon in the US and Canada. The products are available wholesale as well if you contact us directly about your order through our contact form here. For wholesale deals, we do have a minimum order quantity but we greatly discount the price depending on how many bottles you wish to order. In the future, we also are currently dreaming about subscription models and in-person refills for our beard oil. These refills will be available when we are at farmers markets. The environment has to be considered in any business endeavor which is why we are basing our company values around green initiatives early on.

On social media we will be active on Facebook and Instagram in the beginning then we will branch out to other platforms as we grow. We are also super excited to begin producing YouTube videos that are both instructional and entertaining. We want to teach you how to properly take care of your hair while connecting will all of our dedicated beirdos! On top of all this, we have our newsletter that will keep you up to date and you can sign up to it at the bottom of any of our web pages or our home page.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you stay in touch with our company and join our community!

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