FAQ About Beard Care

Most frequent questions and answers

We’ve answered some frequent questions to help put you at ease. If you have any other questions please contact us directly.

Beard oil is usually a mix of carrier oils combined with essential or fragrance oils for scent and added benefits.

Beard balm is similar to beard oil except it has butter and usually wax to provide hold.

You should use it 1-2 times a day. Once in the morning an ideally once at night.

Everybody is different and we always highly-recommend applying a small amount in a contained area so you can monitor any action. We can’t guarantee that it is allergen safe for everyone.

Depending on the size of your beard it can last between 2 & up to 4 months in some cases.

Yes! There’s more than enough wax and butter to provide hold. We also added a few extra all-natural steps in the process to make it soft as possible!

Glycerin has a lot of valuable properties for hair, but we also use it fo the texture of the balm as well!

We offer free shipping to Canada.

We will be offering those in the future as we continue to improve and enhance our services.